The most important thing in the room is not the furniture

it's the people

This quote from Herman Miller’s first director of design Gilbert Rhode has never been more appropriate. COVID-19 has had a profound affect on the intersection between people, place and purpose. The way we think about the workplace is rapidly transforming and will continue to evolve as we move forward. There is an astonishing amount of research and thought to digest on how we will move forward in a post COVID-19 world. Most experts agree the return to our professional life will be measured, gradual and phased as we grapple with what comes next.

Guidance for a return to the office

Good for Me
Challenging for We


Plan for transition as workers start to return to the physical work place. Absorb credible information from government organizations, recognized experts and industry leaders. Use this data to decide who comes back first and ensure they remain safe.


Prioritize health and wellness:

  • Prevent the spread;

  • Create safety protocols;

  • Maintain your environment

Prioritize communication:

  • Listen to the concern’s employees
    may have about returning to the office;

  • learn what employees will need to feel protected in the newly occupied space;

  • Communicate and manage protocols

Embracing a New Reality

Workplace strategy insights for COVID-19 and beyond

While Herman Miller specializes in the built environment, they are also one of the worlds premier researchers on people and the ways and places they work. Explore their Workplace Strategy insights for COVID-19 and Beyond, “Embracing and New Reality”

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Support Teams Working Remotely
  1. Empower the shift to work from home by effectively managing remote teams

  2. Provide ergonomic furnishings and technology support tools to create a home work environment that is healthy and productive

  3. Enhance your physical office with the furniture and tools to enhance collaboration with remote colleagues

Work from Home Ergonomic Assessment

Check the health and productivity

of your WFH setup

Looking Beyond Work from Home

How will we reopen our physical workplaces and what will they look like? There is no one size fits all solution. Take a cautious measured approach that helps your organization transition back to the office while mitigating the spread of the virus. To plan for the future, we need to develop short-term return-to-workplace tactics and long-term workplace strategies.

Industry Responses
to the COVID-19 Crisis
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