Ubi Work Tools

Ubi Work Tools


The Ubi Work Tools portfolio is a collection of desk accessories that enable people to organize, personalize, and work effectively. Individuals can arrange and rearrange the portfolio's assortment of tools to suit their personal preferences and workstyles. Based on research into organizing principles, the portfolio is intended to promote accessibility, control visibility, and maximize space savings for a new and richer experience of working.


Ubi Work Tools include: 

Bag Hook 
The Bag Hook is offered as a surface clamp (which can be installed without tools) or a fixed version (which attaches to the underside of a surface), presenting accessible bag storage that matches the posture of the individual.

Mobile Bag Catch
The user-movable Mobile Bag Catch provides convenient bag storage, an adjustable shelf, and ample space for personal items.


Slim Screen
The Slim Screen provides boundaries between people while enabling the individual to organize and display personal objects with the help of the Magnetic Document Clip.


The Small Organizer and Large Organizer activate the zone to the left or right of the individual, orient documents vertically with the help of the Bookend, provide boundaries, and power devices with the USB Module.


Shelves offer additional storage space and can be rearranged without the use of tools. The optional backdrop enables notebooks and reference documents to be oriented vertically, freeing up the surface of the desktop. 


Monitor Platform Shelf
The Monitor Platform Shelf raises freestanding monitors off the surface and provides an area for desktop tools to reside.


USB Module
Able to attach to any part of a desk, organizer, or shelf, the USB Module allows users to conveniently charge mobile devices.

Ubi Work Tools

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