Power Access support products

Technology is so much a part of our lives we often use it without thinking. That is, until we need to unplug a power cord or disconnect a data line. We think it makes good sense to locate outlets and ports either on the work surface or just below it, so that they're easy to access.

Easy access makes life more pleasant for people who need it. It does the same for organizations by giving them ways to maximize space on the work surface and allowing flexibility in planning where to locate power and data access.


Connect Power and Data

These electrical distributors bring power and data to the work surface so it's easy to get at outlets. Some models mount flush in a surface and feature a one-touch pop-up lid. Others clamp to the surface. All meet the same goal: to make it easy to connect and disconnect power and data in the work area. Can be configured with various combinations of simplex receptacles and data ports.Available with electrical cord or electrical conduit for hardwire connection.Includes voice/data adapter kit allowing use of most manufacturers' couplers and jacks.UL a CSA listed.

    Power Access support products

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