Herman Miller Overlay

Overlay transforms the open plan


Designed to transform an open floorplan, Overlay is a system of sub-architectural, movable walls intended to help you define your space. Use Overlay to create freestanding rooms, give shape to large open spaces, or simply divide one area from another. Because Overlay is flexible, and can take mere hours to relocate, your office could function as one space today and by tomorrow, serve a totally different purpose all without calling the contractor.


Overlay has a select number of parts that you can use to define your space. Use a single boundary to work as a room divider. A three-sided workspace can become a designated area for impromptu meetings or collaborative work. Or, use four Overlay walls to create an enclosed meeting space complete with a door that can offer a higher level of visual and acoustical privacy. The addition of media display, tackable surfaces, Exclave boards, and other tools also allow Overlay to support whatever the day might bring.


Designed by Birsel + Seck, Overlay creates visual clarity in open-plan offices, helping people understand where their best work will happen and giving organizations the agility to evolve on the fly.

Herman Miller Overlay

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