Herman Miller Public Office Landscape

Public Office Landscape Designed by Yves Behar and fuseproject


Based on the belief that the more people connect, the better they work, Public transforms every part of the office including individual desks into places for collaboration. It's the first office system to support casual work and provide comfort at the desk, in circulation spaces, and in group areas all within a consistent design vocabulary. Visually uniform and modular surfaces, storage, and seating can be configured into a broad range of settings that encourage fluid transitions between collaborative and focused work.


Collaborative Flow

We believe collaboration isn't exclusive to conference rooms or desks; it happens everywhere. Public was designed to support fluid interactions and spontaneous conversations across the entire office landscape, keeping the office in a state of flow, where people are engaged, focused, and able to move freely between collaborative and individual modes of work.


Vibrant and Varied

With a modular kit of parts, Public enables people to work how and where they want. Casual group areas become destinations for brainstorming, teamwork, presentations, and meetings. Individual workspaces facilitate sharing and interaction, or productivity and privacy.


Public's elements can be arranged into configurations that express culture, foster belonging, and can evolve as needs change. Layers of color and material create visual consistency and enhance the flow of movement from individual to group activities, and from private to shared spaces.


Public is a flexible system that can be configured and reconfigured to suit an organization's needs. An assemblage of Public's components form group spaces that enable collaboration in close proximity to individual desks. With tools and technology to support the unique needs of groups, these highly functional spaces allow everyone to work together more effectively and productively.


Casual Performance

The Social Chair is the core component of the Public system. It brings a new level of ergonomics and functionality to soft seating by accommodating a range of people and postures as they work. The chair encourages the purposeful interactions that drive work at the desk, in group areas, and throughout the entire office.


Both literally and figuratively, the Social Chair is designed for connection. Its open, inviting shape encourages people to sit and interact, while its top surface seamlessly links to desks, storage units, and other Social Chairs.


With the Social Chair, people don't have to choose between ergonomic seating for work and casual seating for lounging. Its innovative design strips materials down to a minimum, giving the seat and back the flexibility to accommodate comfortable movement through a range of postures and activities.


The Social Chair offers a solution for the entire office landscape by serving as a foundational element for community areas, team spaces, and individual desks. The versatile design is streamlined, visually light, and remarkably comfortable achieved with a fraction of the material used for traditional upholstered soft seating. Its internal supports are made of a patented polymer that maintains elasticity without losing its shape, providing people with ergonomic responsiveness.

Herman Miller Public Office Landscape

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