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Product Highlights:

Designed by Studio 7.5, Metaform Portfolio’s lightweight foundational blocks fit together, come apart, and rearrange to create customizable settings where people can seamlessly work together to generate new ideas. Constructed of EPP, Metaform’s foundational blocks can withstand impact without significant damage, and are resistant to water, chemicals, most oils, and temperature extremes. The blocks are also recyclable, so if you ever need to dispose of it, you can do so in an environmentally sensitive manner.


Metaform’s blocks are easy to move, place, and adjust, allowing individuals and groups to make what they want of a space and adapt it as work progresses. Blocks and staggered furrows can be enhanced with accessories for displaying and storing just about anything—from the artifacts of work to the technology needed for information sharing.


Metaform defines space by creating boundaries and enclosures. Combinations of curved and straight blocks enable the creation of a multitude of settings—from semi-enclosed spaces where groups can

gather to those for individual focus. Within these spaces, a variety of surfaces can be placed at different heights to support natural transitions among a range of postures and activities.


Herman Miller Metaform

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