Herman Miller Celle Chair

Celle Chair Designed by Jerome Caruso,

Celle offers quality and innovation in a chair that is like no other in its price range or anywhere else.


Celle's innovative Cellular Suspension is created from responsive, pliable polymer that flexes with the body's movements for ergonomic support and comfort. A full complement of ergonomic features and adjustments lets Celle fit people of diverse shapes and sizes. Durable and inviting, Celle works well in settings ranging from individual spaces to team and community areas in offices, schools, and healthcare facilities. 
Cellular Suspension
Celle's innovative Cellular Suspension is a new concept for ergonomic seat and back support. The suspension material is a pliable polymer, which is molded into a system of small cells connected by loops. The cells flex and move with the person. Varying loop depths allows for different areas of the seat and back to have different levels of flexibility. The material also provides aeration for thermal comfort.


Harmonic Tilt
No competitive chair in its price segment can match the performance and durability of Celle's Harmonic tilt mechanism. The tilt echoes the body's three natural pivot points at the hips, knees, and ankles so the sitter can move easily throughout the tilt range, which is a wide 28-degrees. With the Harmonic tilt, the sitter feels equal resistance between the upright position to anywhere in the tilt range. This allows easy, comfortable movement so the sitter stays balanced and in control.


Celle offers a full range of adjustments that are easy to locate and use. The chair's adjustability allows it to fit the 5th percentile female to the 95th percentile male and it is designed and warranted to support 350 lb. users. 

Herman Miller Celle Chair

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