CPU Holders

Jaw CPU Holder

The design of Jaw allows it to "float" under the desk surface for improved aesthetics. The clamping function of the aluminum body grips tightly to the top and bottom of the CPU to secure it in place. Made from high-quality aluminum for durability and strength. Using a slide-and-rotate kit, the support can be easily moved back and forth for increased leg space.


Loop CPU Support

With its elegantly simple strap and strong glass-filled nylon foot, Loop is a strong yet lightweight solution for CPU storage. It is quick and easy to install, thanks to its ratchet mechanism. A minimal structure means it doesn't call attention to itself. Optional slide-and-rotate kit allows easy movement back and forth under the desk for increased leg space.


Mobile CPU Holder

The holder gets a CPU off the work surface and makes it mobile. It has casters, so it can be rolled to wherever it's out of the way. And, it can be moved anytime to allow easy access to cable connections.

CPU Holders

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